Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome to Crossfit!

Yes, it is true, I have joined the community of Crossfitters.  Why, some ask as I am a fitness instructor.  My answer, it is because I am a fitness instructor that I was dying to join. Because I also have a full-time desk job, when I teach is generally the only time that I get to workout ~ which is less than ideal.  When you teach, the focus is on your students, their form, their movement and their modifications.

I wanted to join last year, but my husband said I didn't need to because I teach all of the time.  I conceded and was silently envious of his trips to our local Crossfit gym.  I would see him come home drenched in sweat, riding on the endorphine high of a workout that kicked his butt...all along I was wishing to ride that same endorphine high.

I'll admit it, I am a total endorphinoholic.  I bank on that ride to get me through my day and I just haven't had it for a really long time...such a bummer.

Lucky me, I scored a Living Social deal to Ross Valley Crossfit - WOOT WOOT...all the way back in October.  I fractured ankle, followed by two broken toes kept me from my envious all along that I might someday be able to use my Living Social Deal.

2012 is a new year and FINALLY, I claimed my I am wondering why the HELL I waited so long (oh yeah, injuries) to "Play."  Play?  Yes, for me this is Play time.  Time to have fun doing what I enjoy doing  Time just to focus on me.  This busy mom is going to carve out this time so I can be a better instructor and I can start to hit my personal goals.

So I have made it through week 1 and while I can only carve out 2 days a week to get it done, I am doing that and I am loving it!  Coach Nick (one of the owners) is really awesome and the community of members, equally fantastic.  If you haven't checked out RVCF, you should.  Who DOESN'T love chain squats?!? Way to get that core engaged and those gluts fired up.  Both this morning and Wednesday morning I woke up feeling sore ~ not that sore that I get from not getting enough sleep and my entire body aches - that kind of sore that tells you that you WORKED - really WORKED.

I am looking forward to getting on track with my fitness and nutrition goals in 2012.  I am looking forward to that next WOD.  I am looking forward to having someone push me to be the best me.  I am looking forward to having my ass handed to me and to working so hard that I collapse.

Welcome to Crossfit to me!  Welcome to sore...seriously, sore never felt so good.  Welcome to a new and better me!  GAME ON!

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